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If you are a member and your are not receiving any mails, send  your new mail address to sasocatmsci at

If you change your mail, send us the new mail


You also need to fill the form  

Membership and SASAS Members


SASAS membership is open to all persons who are in agreement with the aims and objectives of the Society. SASAS consists of Honorary Members, Ordinary Members, Institutional Members and Student Members.  Prospective Members shall be  approved by Council. All members are required to obey the Code of Ethics.


Membership Fee


The annual membership fee is kept at a very modest level, annually reviewed and approved by the assembled members at the Annual General Meeting. This fee currently stands at R60 per annum and R30 for students . The membership form is online here.


Code of Ethics


SASAS has a Code of Ethics that all members are required to obey.  The following are the main points:


  1. Members shall conduct themselves in a manner which reflects dignity and honour on the profession of atmospheric scientists.

  2. Members shall not knowingly take credit for work done by others; in publications and meetings credit shall be given where it is due.

  3. In scientific practice members shall base their work on scientific principles applied in a scientific manner.

  4. Members shall refrain from making exaggerated and unwarranted claims and statements.

  5. Members who contribute new knowledge to the profession are expected to make known to the scientific world results of their significant work.


Please make sure you pay your membership at the start of the year by contacting the secretary. Do not wait to be contacted by us. If you do not pay for five years you will loose your membership. Do not forget to give the secretary your new mail when you change mail.


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