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SASAS 2015


A very interresting story  on the SASAS 2015 by Piotr Wolski


SASAS 2014


The 30 th Annual SASAS Conference was held 1 and 2 October 2014 at North-West University - Potchefstroom Campus



SASAS 2013


SASAS 2013 was held 26-27 September 2013 in DURBAN (Salt  Rock) and hosted by by Prof. Sivakumar Venkatarama from UKZN  (


Conference photos


Best poster presentation: Zane Dedekind  “Modelling the attributes of rainfall over the eastern escarpment of South Africa”


Best student presentation: Stefaan Conradie  “Defining the nonlinear, chaotic climate system: Implications for measurement and experiments in a transient period”


Best presentation:  Dr John McGregor “An update on CCAM modelling activities at CSIRO”


Stanley Jackson Award: Babatunde Abiodun, ZD Adeyewa, PG Oguntunde, TA Salami and VO Ajayi “Modeling the reforestation on future climate in West Africa”


SASAS 2012


The 29th SASAS Confererence was held in Cape Town from the 26 to 27 September 2012 and was Hosted by ETV.


Best Presentation:  Neil Hart (Dept of Oceanography, UCT: Who's the Boss? Frequency, Intensity or Location of TTT


Best Student presentation: Thabisile Ntleko The Performance of ECMWF 6 day forecast over South Africa


Best poster: Arlindo Meque (CSAG, UCT) How well do the Regional Climate Models Simulate the Southern African Droughts?


Stanley Jackson Award:


Backeberg, B. C., and C. J. C. Reason (2010), A connection between the South Equatorial Current north of Madagascar and Mozambique Channel Eddies, Geophys. Res. Lett., 37, L04604,

Ndarana, T., and D.W. Waugh, A climatology of Rossby wave breaking in the Southern Hemisphere upper troposphere, J Atmos. Sci., 68, 798-811, 2011.


SASAS 2011



The Interdependent Atmosphere, Land and Ocean


The 2011 SASAS conference, hosted by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), was held from the 22nd to the 23rd of September at Amanzingwe lodge and conference venue near the Hartebeespoortdam. 


Best Oral Presentation: Thando Ndarana: Antarctic ozone depletion and trends in tropospheric Rossby wave breaking.

Best Student Oral Presentation: Ross Blamey: The contribution of mesoscale convective complexes to southern Africa rainfall.

Best Poster: Lova Brodin: The Impact of Climate Variability on the Hydrological Response of the Lake Urema Wetland, Mozambique.

Stanley Jackson Award 2011:  Hart NCG, CJC Reason and N Fauchereau, 2010: Tropical-Extratropical Interactions over Southern Africa. Three Cases of Heavy Summer Season Rainfall. Monthly Weather Review, 138, 2608-2623.


SASAS 2010


Hosted by the University of the Free State, the 2010 Conference was held from the 20th to the 22nd of September at Forever Resorts Gariep on the banks of the Gariep Dam in the Free State.


Best Oral Presentation:  Liesl Dyson Daily Heavy Rainfall Characteristics over the Gauteng Province from 1977-2010.

Best Student Oral Presentation:  Neil Hart:Tropical Extra-tropical interactions over southern Africa: Dynamics Common to three Extreme Rainfall Producing Event .

Best Poster: Catherine Odendaal: Accounting for Coriolis Force in Atmospheric Motion on Various Planetary bodies.

Stanley Jackson Award 2010: Mathieu Rouault, Pierrick Penven and Benjamin Pohl:Warming of the Agulhas Current since the 1980's. Geophys. Res.Lett.,VOL.36,L12602,2009

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