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We are now accepting nomination for the SASAS council. The process is as follows

1.       Any paid up member of SASAS may nominate another paid up member for the council.

2.       First contact the member that you wish to nominate to ensure that the person is willing to be on the council

3.       Send an e-mail to sasocatmsci at with the subject line SASAS council nomination. Paste the following information into the e-mail. Nominee name and email and Nominator name and email.                 .

4.       We will contact the nominee with a link to a form where he/she can complete the nomination process by submitting a

          100 word CV

Closing date 12 August

The election process


Every two years, election for the councils and executive council take place. The process is the following.


First members nominate who they see fit as becoming council members and they nominate such members. They need to contact said members because they have to accept the nomination. They also need to send a short CV, one or two paragraph no more. They also need to make sure they have paid their membership.


At the end of the nomination period and if there are more than 10 nominated members the vote start. Members are sent by mail the list of candidate with their short CV and they vote by mail. The first 10 candidates become council members.


The second phase which is the election of the executive committee takes place during the SASAS conference. The President, vice president, secretary and treasury are elected by the new council members present at the SASAS conference. One cannot be President more than 3 mandates (6 years) but other executive members can stay on for more than 6 years.


The election is organised by the secretary


There will be a new election in 2016

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